It is with great sadness that I have been forced to TEMPORARILY close our operations at The Farmer’s Daughter. This was an extremely difficult decision to make, but we feel it is our social and moral responsibility as an Easton business and as Easton residents to close our doors to better protect the safety of our community.

We have been surprised by the lack of social distancing during our week of take out and feel that even with all of the proper and recommended precautions we put in place for no contact service on our end, we are not being a part of the solution and are potentially putting our staff and patrons at risk. We know that one little restaurant may not make a difference, however, we have chosen to be part of the solution at this time and hope you will understand and respect our decision.

This decision is combined with the hard fact that the takeout program cannot generate sufficient sales to allow us to maintain the minimum capital expense to keep us operating and therefore would leave us in a worse position than we are today if continued. We feel this is the only option we have in order to be able to reopen successfully once this crisis has passed.

Hopefully, if everyone does their part, this will take place sooner rather than later. I want to personally thank our wonderful community and my amazing team for the continued support through this time. We are praying for a brighter future for us all and most importantly look forward to feeding you all once again soon.

Eat Well,
Chandra Gouldrup
Chef Owner


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