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Phantom Gourmet: Farmer’s Daughter In Easton

August 9, 2017

EASTON (CBS) –When the food looks this good, you’ll want to jump out of bed, and head straight to The Farmer’s Daughter.

Located in the town of Easton, The Farmer’s Daughter is a bright and cozy 55-seat spot where chef-owner Chandra Gouldrup makes brunch that is so good, there’s always a line out the door.

“It is unique in the sense that we are kind of upscale, a little more on the gourmet side, so we are definitely not your typical greasy spoon. Plain and simple we serve real food. So we proudly do not serve frozen, processed, we don’t have a fryolater,” Gouldrup said. “And then on top of that, really, you know, I think the other thing that stands out about us is presentation, so when the plate hits the table it is not going to be a breakfast plate that you’ve seen at your local place on the corner by any means. Certainly people come in and they say ‘oh we feel like we’re in Boston, or out for a Sunday brunch.’ Well we do Sunday brunch six days a week.”

There’s impossibly fluffy caramelized banana pancakes, Huevos Rancheros with grilled skirt steak, a lobster Benedict, a Nutella Belgian waffle… even a Build Your Own Bloody Mary bar with gourmet garnishes.

It’s honest food made by a talented chef at a restaurant that really is true to its name because not only are the ingredients as fresh from the farm as possible, Chandra herself really is a farmer’s daughter.

“My dad, his grandfather, and grandfather before that grew up on basically potato land,” she said. “So they grew up in Northern Maine, and we really ate what we grew.”

And thanks to that early connection to the farm, Chandra developed a passion for great food that’s still strong today.

“I think about it all the time, my brain is always going. You know when I put my head on the pillow I’m building layers and flavors and thinking about the specials, and I’ve always been that way.”

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